09/11/2018 10:11 GMT | Updated 09/11/2018 12:46 GMT

'Baby Stratford': Birth On Train Causes Delays And Passengers Aren't Even Riled Up

"For once I don't care – congratulations!"

Leaves on the track, signalling problems and tracks frozen in the cold weather – just three of those annoying tannoy announcements about your train being late that lead to grumpy passengers up and down the country. But here’s one reason for a train delay that won’t rile anyone up – a woman giving birth.

On Thursday evening, Southeastern railway tweeted to let passengers know that trains were being delayed at Stratford International following the birth of a baby on board.

“London bound trains are unable to stop at the station until the ambulance arrives,” the train company tweeted. “Congratulations to mother and child.”

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Shortly after, someone at Southeastern sent a follow up tweet to a passenger explaining that paramedics had arrived on board the train at Stratford and were taking care of both mum and baby. 

And in a break to normal service, where staff manning the social media at train companies are bombarded with unfriendly messages during periods of train delays, passengers actually sent in their well-wishes. 

Southeastern didn’t release any further information about the birth, although one woman said her son witnessed the birth and it was a baby boy. 

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Others were quick to suggest the train company should totally give the baby free train travel for life (agreed!). 

And someone even suggested a *unique* baby name...

HuffPost UK has contacted Southeastern railway for further detail on the baby’s birth and will update this piece when they respond. 

Congrats to the mum and baby!