28/02/2017 08:01 GMT | Updated 28/02/2017 08:31 GMT

Bagel Gate Latest: The Source Of The Bagels Has Emerged

REVEALED: Where the Bagelgate bagles came from.

In the early hours of Sunday morning a bagel-based incident on a train in Hertfordshire was filmed, quickly spreading across the internet quicker than butter on a hot... well, bagel.

The two-minute clip by Dougie Stew shows fights, chants, jeering and cheering and even the police, all prompted by someone placing the aforementioned foodstuff on a fellow commuter’s head.

Confused? Watching the video won’t help but it’s worth taking a look anyway.

The original tweet has now hit 17,400 likes and has been covered extensively in the national press.

Now, HuffPost UK Comedy can bring you the latest information in this remarkable saga - the source of the bagels.

It appears one Lucy Bonner obtained them from her Nanna who appears to work in a bakery. 

Bonner even told HuffPost UK Comedy the exact source of the bagels.

Excitingly, we’re also treated to a whole new perspective of the very moment the first bagel was placed on someone’s head.

Incredible scenes.

But let us not forget, the police had to be called to break up this rowdy affair so here are some less jolly details from the Press Association.

Officers arrived at Potters Bar station in Hertfordshire just after 1am on Sunday after being alerted to passengers fighting and intimidating others. 

The 00.54am Great Northern service from King’s Cross to Huntingdon was held for 18 minutes while the officers took statements before the train continued its journey. 

Officers from Hertfordshire Police attended on their behalf but no allegations of any assault were made and there were no arrests.


Despite this extra information we’re still no closer to truly understanding what actually happened.

Here are some people at least attempting to work it out.