29/05/2018 10:22 BST | Updated 29/05/2018 15:47 BST

'What Is That?' Balenciaga's £935 T-Shirt Shirt Roundly Mocked

The trend: Looking like you rolled around in your laundry.

Sometimes dressing for work can be a real struggle. You want to look effortless, but aren’t sure whether foregoing a shirt for a T-shirt is going too far.  Well Balenciaga has the answer to your problem, a top that gives you ’two wearing options’ while making it look like you put no more thought into your outfit than if you’d literally just rolled around in your laundry.

The Spanish luxury fashion house known for their ‘90s dad’ trainers, gaudy labelled accessories and clothes that are either designed to be oversized or tiny, have produced a ‘T-shirt shirt’, - it captures the essence of being half dressed: all for £935. 

And it has gone down a treat on Twitter.

And the fashion house may have competition soon, as one Twitter user has delighted people with his DIY version of how to be so on trend you always look like your outfit is never complete.

Some thought Balenciaga should pay tribute to the muse behind layering shirts on shirts: the one and only Joey Tribbiani.