Bana Alabed Evacuated Safely From Aleppo, Aid Workers Reveal

Finally some good news from Syria.

A seven-year-old girl who has been tweeting about her experiences from the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo has been rescued.

Bana Alabed gave the world a moving insight into her life through her Twitter account, operated through her mother.

There were fears for her safety as the battle for the city between Syrian forces and rebels intensified, but medics and aid workers have sent out a number of tweets confirming that she has been safely evacuated.

A tweet from Ahmad Tarakji, MD of the Syrian American Medical Society, said she was among many children who had arrived in the countryside outside Aleppo.

A journalist from Syrian television channel Halab Today tweeted a picture with her, saying that she had been evacuated to “western rural Aleppo”.

The BBC reported at least 350 people have reportedly left rebel enclaves on Sunday night to head towards other rebel-held areas.

The youngster and her mother, Fatemah, had sent out a number of distressing messages as fighting swept through the city last week.

The Guardian reported that 9,000 civilians and the majority of fighters in the rebel-controlled areas of Aleppo have now been evacuated.

Many people are still awaiting evacuation from the war-torn city.

The Associated Press reported that a fragile cease-fire resumed in Syria on Monday, as buses resumed evacuating those still remaining in eastern Aleppo following days of delays and others departed with the sick and wounded from two rebel-besieged Shiite villages in the country’s north.

The initial ceasefire had shown signs of crumbling because al-Qaida-linked militants in Idlib opposed the agreement, the Guardian reported.

On top of this, another faction allied to them attacked and burned buses headed towards the villages of Fua and Kefraya in Idlib.

Jan Egeland, who chairs the United Nations aid task force in Syria, tweeted late on Sunday night:

Later on Monday, the Security Council will vote in New York on a resolution to allow U.N. staff to monitor the evacuations, Reuters reported.

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