03/03/2019 22:00 GMT

Baptiste Episode 3 Review: The 9 Burning Questions We Now Have

Spoilers ahead!

Well, talk about a game-changer!

If you thought you had the whole series wrapped up after episode two of Baptiste, then the latest instalment will have seriously forced you to think again. 

But having to reassess the case has left us with a heap more questions...

Who is the man Genevieve is visiting in hospital with and how did he end up with his condition?

As with the previous episode, things kicked off with a pre-titles scene introducing us to new characters – this time it was Genevieve, who is working as a British liaison officer for Europol

She was seen visiting a man with severe disabilities in some sort of hospital or care facility, but we were kept in the dark as to who he was. All we know is that Genevieve said she was sorry.

But who is this man, and what is his significance to the story?


Is Edward telling the truth?

Edward has gone from good guy to bad guy, and he’s seemingly gone back to good(ish) guy again, following the latest set of revelations.

Despite previous claims he was a client of Natalie’s who’d become obsessive and abusive, and was working with the Romanians as part of the trafficking ring, he told a much different version of events to Julian.

Instead, he claimed to have grown close to Natalie as she reminded him of his dead daughter, offering to help her when she told him of how the Romanians were trafficking her 15-year-old sister. It was then revealed he had taken their money so they could use it as leverage against the gang. But when the Romanians found out they had taken it, they threatened to kill Edward’s father unless he returned the cash. Natalie later fled with the money, and 24 hours later, Edward’s father’s head turned up at his house.

This is a seemingly plausible version of events, but have any key details been purposely omitted?

Will Kim give in to Constantine’s threats?

It was only ever going to be so long until Kim had her past as Dragomir catch up with her, and sure enough the Romanians became aware of her new identity in this episode.

After Constantine tracked her down at a local market, he terrorised her and made her fully aware he expected her co-operation. Will she be forced to help him and give up the girls she has been fighting to protect as the Romanians continuing their trafficking business?

Will Edward agree to wear the wire to back Constantine into a corner?

After finally agreeing to talk to the police, Genevieve tries to persuade him to wear a wire to admit that he killed his father. While it seemed like he could have been persuaded later events may have put paid to that...


Who has taken the money from Hermes?

After it was revealed Hermes is related to Natalie, and the boy in the hospital was actually Natalie’s son, he took him from the hospital to ensure his safety. But after his car broke down, we noticed he was being watched at the garage.

The next thing he knew, the bag of stolen money Natalie was hiding on his farm had been stolen from his boot – but who has it, and what does that mean for Edward and Julien’s hunt for the money?

Is Natalie’s son going to be OK?

Seriously, if he doesn’t get proper medical attention soon, we’re worried about what might happen.

Why did Martha not tell Julien he is Niels’ father?

Call us psychic, but we had a suspicion Niels would be unveiled as Julien’s son – a hunch he seemingly shared as he sent off some coffee cups they had been drinking from for a DNA test.

Sure enough, the test came back positive, leading to an angry confrontation between Julien and Martha. But we are yet to find out just why she never told him about his secret son.


Will Edward get in the car, and what will happen to him next?

It now looks as if Edward has no choice but to cooperate with the Romanians.

Will the Romanians track down Julien and his family?

With the Baptistes currently hanging out in a safe-house in Almere, it’s surely only a matter of time before Constantine also catches up with them, especially as Julien isn’t exactly being covert as he continues his investigation.

Baptiste continues next Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.