10/03/2019 22:00 GMT

Baptiste Episode 4 Review: The 9 Burning Questions We Now Have

There were two big shockers in the latest instalment.


We must admit, we sat through episode four of Baptiste waiting for something big to happen, but then came the last 15 minutes. 

While the latest instalment of BBC One’s Sunday night drama was a bit of a slow burner as the hunt for Constantine’s money went on (and on), Kim’s sudden death and Edward’s betrayal had us audibly gasping. 

Here’s the questions we’re now asking... 

Why did Martha say she hated Julien?

She claimed this was the reason she had never told him about Niels being his son, but what happened in their relationship for her to feel that way?

Was Genevieve’s lover attacked by the Romanians?

Her mission against the gang seems very much like a personal one, and we’re inclined to believe this is because they attacked the man who she was having an affair with. Was it revenge for her investigation into their dealings?


Will Julien tell Niels he is his father?

While he managed to keep schtum for the time being, it’s is only a matter of time before this secret is out in the open. And we’re not sure how it’s going to go down when it is.

Does Martha’s problem with alcohol play into a wider story?

We saw her lose her job with the police before Genevieve told her she could smell vodka on her breath. Martha was then later seen sneaking spirits into her morning coffee – is this significant to the plot, or just a character detail?


Who was Niels really on the phone to in the petrol station toilet?

We heard him telling someone he would “make his excuses” before Julien walked in – is he hiding his true intentions as to why he is helping Julien?

Who killed Kim?

We’re obviously supposed to believe the Romanians were behind her death, but could it have really been her ex-boyfriend Greg, who reacted horribly when she told him she was trans?  While he was later seen crying when identifying her body, could his tears been those of guilt?


Why is Julien always insistent on exploring people’s’ basements?

It’s the second time in as many episodes he’s managed to talk himself out of a sticky situation after breaking and entering into a basement. One of these days, it it not going to work out so well for him.

Why do we still suspect something of Julien’s son-in-law?

We’ve actually seen very little of Julien’s son-in-law over the four episodes, but a lot of the time, it’s the quiet ones you have to look out for. An odd camera angle forced us to consider him as someone to keep an eye on in episode one, and he was bizarrely the main focus of a montage in this episode – is there something to this, or has this been put in to throw us off?

What the hell is Edward up to?

After finally getting the money back, he did a complete 180 as he and Julien went to meet up with Constantine to give it back. It was revealed he had been in cahoots with Natalie’s old roommate and drove off with the money. Where the heck does the story go from here?


Baptiste continues next Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.