Barack Obama Town Hall Event Sees Person Come Out As Transgender On Live TV

'I'm about to do something terrifying'.

This is the moment a student came out as transgender in front of Barack Obama at his town hall event.

During the Q&A session earlier on Saturday, Maria Munir, stood up to say they did not identify with a binary gender, before they had told their parents.

"I'm about to do something terrifying which is come out to to you," the 20-year-old said, apologising for getting "emotional" and trying not to cry as the crowd applauded.

"It means that I don't fit because I'm from a Pakistani-Muslim background which inevitably has complications .. I wish that yourself and David Cameron would take us seriously as transgender people."

Maria, a third year politics with international relations student at University of York, added that the Equality Act offered no protection from discrimination to non-binary people and asked about the US states that had recently passed laws deemed anti-LGBT.

Obama answered he was "incredibly proud of the steps it sounds like you've already taken".

He joked that when Maria had said they would do something like "come up here and dance with me".

He also said Cameron was "ahead of the curve" on LGBT rights.

He added: "You should feel encouraged just by virtue of the fact that social attitudes have changed on this faster than I have seen on any other issue.

"It doesn't feel fast enough for you and those impacted by it and that's good. You shouldn't feel satisfied. You should keep pushing.

The trend lines are good on this. We're moving in the right direction partly because of courageous and active young people like yourself. So stick with it."

Maria later tweeted they were "inundated" with support after what happened.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat afterwards, they said: "It was something the President said about acting crazy - that if you need to get a social issue across sometimes you need to act a little crazy.

"At that moment I felt my pulse intensify and thought that I've been sitting on this issue for such a long time. I haven't come out to my parents, I just thought, it anyone in the world is going to accept me for who I am it should be the President of the United States. "

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