18/08/2017 09:47 BST | Updated 18/08/2017 22:27 BST

Barcelona Terror Attack: British Boy, 7, Missing Amid Rampage That Killed 14 In Spain

He was separated from his mother in the melee.

A seven-year-old boy with dual British and Australian nationality remains unaccounted for after the attack in Barcelona’s Las Ramblas.

Julian Cadman, who was born in Tunbridge Wells in Kent, was separated from his mother Jom, who was seriously injured and is being treated in hospital. 

Mother and son, who are now based in Australia with Julian’s Australian father Andrew Cadman, and had been visiting Barcelona to attend a family wedding. 

Prime Minister Theresa May had said the British government was “urgently” looking into reports of a British dual nationality child missing following the attacks. 

A family friend known only as Scott told 2GB radio host Ben Fordham Julian’s father first heard about the attack when he arrived at work on Friday morning and was unable to get into contact with his wife.

“He turned up to work this morning, turned the news on this morning at 6 o’clock, heard about it, tried to ring his Mrs, couldn’t get hold of her,” he said.

“By about 8:30am, we found out that it was her in the hospital, she’s in a very serious condition [and] he’s on his way to the airport.

“We found out an hour later that his seven-year-old son was with her. He’s missing and we haven’t heard anything since. We don’t know if he’s still with us or not.”

The little boy attended Chiddingstone Nursery before moving to Sydney three years ago. His grandmother Norma Canaveral, who is from London, told MailOnline: “We are so worried. I am just waiting for news, hoping for good news. I don’t know what to say... All we can do is wait.”

Fourteen people were killed in two attacks including a van rampage in Barcelona’s Las Ramblas walkway on Thursday, and more than 100 were wounded.

The dead 

American Jared Tucker, 42, was in Barcelona to celebrate his first anniversary with his wife Heidi Nunes-Tucker, family said.

“We just got the text — Jared’s body was identified at the morgue by his wife,” his father Daniel Tucker told the New York Daily News. “It’s just something we really just don’t understand. I don’t know what else to say.”

His father told the NY Daily News he and his son worked together installing swimming pools. “Everyone loves him,” Daniel Tucker said.


Bruno Gulotta, a 35-year-old Italian father-of-two was confirmed as having lost his life in Facebook post from his employers, Tom’s Hardware. 

The company wrote: “Rest in peace Bruno, we will remember you forever.” 

According to local media, Gulotta’s wife said the family was strolling down the street when the incident occurred. She said she kneeled down to shield their son, 6, and daughter, 7 months, from the horror. 

Toms Hardware
Italian father-of-two Bruno Gulotta was killed in the attack 

One of the victim’s colleagues told Italian news agency ANSA that Gulotta, a sales manager, had saved the lives of his children by throwing himself between them and the van that mowed people down. 

Luca Russo has been identified as a second Italian victim by the country’s foreign ministry. 

The 25-year-old, who was from Bassano Grappa, northern Italy was on holiday with his girlfriend Marta Scomazzon, La Repubblica reported, adding she had been badly hurt in the attack. Two other Italians were injured but have since been released from the hospital.

Elke Vanbockrijck, aged 44, from Belgium, has been identified by officials. Local media said she was holidaying in Barcelona with her husband and sons, aged 11 and 14. Town Mayor Patrick Dewael confirmed in a tweet that she was from Tongeren, 90km east of Brussels. He told a radio station he had presided over her wedding in 2014.

Arnould Partoens, president of the KFC Heur Tongeren football team, said Vanbockrijck was at the club “nearly every day,” ferrying her sons back and forth to training and matches. He described her as very committed, often speaking her mind about the boys’ and their teams’ performances.


“She was not negative. She was always positive,” he said in a phone interview. He said the team would hold one minute of silence before every match and training session this weekend.

He added: “The mother was in the wrong moment and the wrong place.”A condolence book will be opened to the public in Tongeren on 21 August. 

Granada grandfather Francisco Lopez Rodriguez, 60, was confirmed as having lost his life by Spanish daily El Pais. His niece Raquel Baron Lopez had earlier been appealing for information about him on Twitter after being unable to contact him. 

She confirmed his death in the early hours of Friday, stating he had been hit by the van and had died on the spot. 

The US State Department says at least one American was killed and one injured in the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils. The department did not identify either of the American casualties. 

A Portuguese woman aged 74 is also among the dead, El Pais reports. It says the native of Lisbon was on holiday in Barcelona when the attack occurred. 

JOSEP LAGO via Getty Images
A person is stretched out of a mall by medical staff members in a cordoned off area after a van ploughed into the crowd on Friday 

Nationalities of victims injured  

• One woman from Greece. 

• Four citizens from Australia, including Suria Intan, who is seriously hurt, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. 

• Three from Italy. 

• A “small number” of Britons. 

• Two Irish citizens comprising a five-year-old and his father. Ireland’s Foreign Affairs Minister Simon Coveney said they were part of a family of four celebrating the birthday of the child, who suffered a broken leg. 

• Two Danes.

• Two from Belgium - one wounded seriously. 

• Two from Taiwan. 

• Three from Romania.

• One from Hong Kong. 

• One American.

• One Colombian. 

• 13 Germans. German Foreign Ministry spokesman Martin Schaefer told reporters in Berlin on Friday that at the moment they know of 13 Germans injured, “some of them seriously, so seriously that they are still fighting for their lives.”

He said he could not confirm unsourced media reports that Germans were also killed in the attacks. He added, however: “we also can’t rule that out.”

• 26 French citizens, 11 of which are in serious condition.  

A tweet from the Catalunya Police said all those involved in the attack were from 34 countries in total. 

JOSEP LAGO via Getty Images
Armed policemen stand in a cordoned off area after a van ploughed into the crowd