04/12/2018 11:41 GMT | Updated 05/12/2018 09:13 GMT

‘BBC Breakfast’ Host Dan Walker Calls For Someone To ‘Put The Plug Back In’ As Show Goes Off Air

And it didn't take Piers Morgan long to start goading his rivals.

BBC Breakfast’ viewers were left asking where the show had gone on Monday morning when it went off air, leaving presenter Dan Walker to ask “can someone put the plug back in?”

Thankfully, the interruption came during the middle of a segment about Theresa May’s attempts to get her Brexit deal through parliament. 

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Dan has hosted 'BBC Breakfast' since 2016

During the confusion, Dan started tweeting about the technical issues, jokingly blaming them on a ‘flux capacitor’ - a reference to the engine that ran the time machine in the classic 80s movie ‘Back To The Future’.

He said: “Can you see us on BBC1? Have we gone somewhere? Can someone put the plug back in?”

When the show eventually returned, he said: “We’re back. The flux capacitor is working again.”

Even though the show was only off air for a few minutes, ‘Good Morning Britain’ host Piers Morgan was quick to pick up on their difficulties.

The ‘GMB’ host took delight in his rival morning programme’s plight, commenting: “Just hearing that our rivals at BBC Breakfast have had the plug pulled on them.”

Susanna Reid replied: “I can’t imagine who might have done that.”

Piers said: “We don’t know for how long but apparently it took a long time for anyone to realise.

“If you’ve been watching the BBC and you’re obviously bored - or maybe you’re finding the blank screen more interesting than their normal fare - come over here. We have power here in every sense.”

The mocking quickly spilled onto Twitter, with Piers asking Dan: ”Cut off for being too boring?”

Dan immediately hit back with: “Our black screen still had double your audience.”

Dan and Piers have long had a (mostly) playful rivalry over which of their morning programmes are the best.

Both ‘BBC Breakfast’ and ‘Good Morning Britain’ air weekdays at 6am. 

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