06/06/2016 11:29 BST

BBC's Fiona Bruce And Huw Edwards Being Targeted By Poo In The Post

And some of it is human.

The BBC has been forced to call the police over a number of incidents involving parcels containing human poo aimed at high-profile presenters, it has been revealed.

Newsreaders Fiona Bruce and Huw Edwards are among those being targeted by vile poo parcel senders, the Sun discovered after a Freedom of Information request.

The BBC presenters are among those targeted by the packages filled with excrement, usually contained in folds of toilet roll. 

The BBC revealed Huw Edwards and Fiona Bruce were among those targeted

Police have been called in response to the situation - but are struggling to identify the perpetrators because analysis of DNA from faeces is difficult.

The Sun learned its FOI response that multiple complaints of excrement sent in envelopes had been reported to the BBC's Investigation Service over the past three years.

The paper told how testing had to be performed on the poo to verify if it was human. The BBC confirmed "some" of the samples were.

Bloomberg via Getty Images
Faeces has been sent to famous BBC presenters in ordinary-looking envelopes

The Sun also quoted a source as saying: “There are so many weirdos out there. They see you on TV and think they have got a connection with you.”

"Insiders" at the broadcaster told the paper top newsreaders Edwards and Bruce were among those targeted.

An FOI response from the BBC read:

“During the past three years the BBC Investigation Service has received a number of complaints of excrement being sent to staff and talent at several BBC locations.

“We can confirm that some of the samples have been tested and found to be human.

“These offences have been reported to the police.”

Television presenters are often targeted, as they are well-known figures and in the public eye. 

In April this year Radio 5 Live breakfast show presenter Nicky Campbell was attacked on a Manchester tram

The broadcaster had simply asked his fellow passenger to turn his music down, but got taken a swing at by the man instead. 

The Huffington Post UK contacted the BBC for comment on the extent of the poo package abuse, but a spokesperson refused to speak on the matter.