20/06/2017 23:51 BST | Updated 21/06/2017 11:24 BST

BBC News At Ten: Huw Edwards Copes With The BBC News At Ten Meltdown Like A Boss

'Has the world ended?'

Time seemed to stand still as the beginning of the BBC News At Ten went into meltdown on Tuesday night.

Viewers were left bemused by what was happening to the Beeb’s flagship news programme as the screen displayed a message apologising for the “break in programme” on BBC One.


On the BBC News channel, the same programme was spinning out of control: a riot of mis-firing sounds, stings and breaking news graphics.

Stuck in the middle was this man. Huw Edwards.  


The camera was trained on his near motionless upper body for what seemed like an eternity as the broadcaster was left naked to the vagaries of live TV.

Then, after more than four excruciating minutes, he spoke.

”Tonight at ten, the Chancellor spells out jobs and prosperity must come first in any Brexit deal,” he said in his unmistakeable Welsh tone and the news was back in business.

You can watch the malfunction in all its glory here and then get on to the Pulitzer prize people to get the man a prize. 

News At Ten’s editor later tweeted to explain there was a “technical system crash”.

Fair play to Huw. After all, this is how controversial US anchor Bill O’Reilly coped with having to introduce Sting.