01/08/2018 12:37 BST | Updated 01/08/2018 13:09 BST

BBC Weather Expert Apologises After 'Passing Out' Live On Air

He was feeling a bit under the weather.

There’s absolutely zero argument that the weather has been oppressive of late, but even just discussing it appeared to be too much for one commentator on BBC News

Weather expert, Dr. Mark McCarthy, passed out live on air as he spoke about the on-going heatwave on the news network on Tuesday. 

Mark was appearing from the National Climate Information Centre in Exeter via a live-link up with Anita McMcVeigh when he suddenly felt a little *ahem* under the weather. 


Speaking about the State Of Climate Report, he said: “One thing that this report is looking at is our climate over the last 100 years or more.”

Becoming audibly slower, he continued: “One thing that we are seeing is...”

Mark then fell quiet before ducking down out of vision and saying: “Sorry”. 

As a worried Anita asked if he was OK, he replied with a pained “yes”, before she added: “Mark, perhaps we will try to come back to you, and I do hope that Mark McCarthy there is ok.” 

After the episode, Mark took to Twitter where he revealed he had actually passed out. 

“Note to self – avoid passing out on live TV. Ever so sorry @annita_mcveigh @BBCNews not my finest interview!” he tweeted. 

Anita replied to his tweet, saying: “All sorts of things happen on live TV and you have nothing to apologise for Mark. Hope the rest of your day is less eventful!”

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