26/05/2017 15:01 BST

This 'Bee Manchester' T-Shirt Is Raising Money For The Victims Of The Manchester Bombing

'We are not defined by this attack. We are Manchester.'

A fashion brand has launched a ‘Bee Manchester’ t-shirt - with all of the profits going to the ‘We Love Manchester Emergency Fund’ to help victims of the recent terror attack. 

Manchester-based retailer In The Style designed the tee featuring the symbolic ‘Manchester Bee’ - which represents strength and has been synonymous with the city since the Industrial Revolution. 

Priced at £10, all of the profits from the ‘#BeeManchester Charity T-Shirt Dress’ will be donated to the ‘We Love Manchester Emergency Fund’. 

“’In The Style’ is born and bred in Manchester, and there is nothing we can say to fill the hole that this tragedy has created in our beautiful city,” the brand’s website explains.

“But with no words to be able to undo this atrocity, we are still a community, and we will remain defiant in pulling together to help those affected by this heartbreaking attack.”

In The Style

On their website, the brand shared a heart-felt and detailed explanation behind the t-shirt:

“As the country comes to terms with the terrible attack on Manchester, we have thought about how we can support those affected and give back to our community,” they state. 

“In the wake of the attack, ‘In The Style’ has designed a t-shirt dress with the symbolic Manchester Bee. This worker bee has been shared millions of times around the world in light of the attack and represents what Manchester is famed for, dating all the way back to the industrial revolution.

“We are not defined by this attack. We are Manchester.”

The brand shared a photo of the t-shirt on their Instagram page on Thursday 25 May, and in less than a day they were inundated with purchases - and people thanking them for creating the design. 

“Such an amazing gesture,” one Instagram user wrote. 

“What a great idea and a lovely thing to do for the victims,” another posted. 

Another wrote: “Ordered and will wear with pride. My husband lived and worked in Manchester for three years and it was like a second home to me! Amazing city - with even more amazing people.”

The t-shirt is available to buy now from their website