12/11/2020 08:22 GMT | Updated 12/11/2020 08:27 GMT

Ben Shephard 'Causes Uproar' For Good Morning Britain Viewers With Very Rude Alexa Revelation

"This is a grown up programme for grown up people!” Susanna Reid told her co-host after his Alexa gaffe.

Ben Shephard had a rather rude surprise in store for Good Morning Britain viewers on Thursday morning, as he inadvertently caused Amazon Alexas up and down the country to reveal one of their lesser-known features.

During the most recent edition of the ITV breakfast show, Ben and co-presenter Susanna Reid discussed the Amazon assistant, with the former admitting that the discovery Alexa can “do fart noises” was “a big hit in our house for far too long – mostly by me”.

As Susanna looked on in shock, Ben casually said the command “Alexa, do a wet fart”, adding: “Honestly, at breakfast, there’s nothing funnier. In fact, there might be people watching this morning whose Alexas are now… complying.”

“Thursdays are so different,” Susanna then declared, referring to the fact that for the first three days of the week, she presents the show with Piers Morgan.

Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain

Ben wasn’t wrong about accidentally causing viewers’ own Alexas to spring into action, though, with Susanna announcing later in the show: “I’m afraid you have caused uproar in Alexas up and down the country, we can only apologise.

“We have got more texts on that than we have about anything else.”

Apologising for his accidental Alexa gaffe, he also pointed out that there “are all sorts of [farts] you can do – it’s not just wet ones, you can do long ones”.

Good to know.

“Ben Shephard! This is a grown up programme for grown up people!” Susanna then interjected, to which he joked: “Not anymore.”

This isn’t the first time this week that Good Morning Britain has shocked viewers, though, with Piers Morgan sharing a hair-raising anecdote earlier in the week about an incident he wound up trapped in a hotel corridor while completely naked.

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