24/03/2021 09:54 GMT | Updated 24/03/2021 10:23 GMT

Ben Shephard Leaves Susanna Reid Speechless With Mortifying 'Nipples' Blunder

"Did your inner thoughts come out on national television to millions there?" Susanna asked her Good Morning Britain co-host.

Ben Shephard left the entire Good Morning Britain team stunned on Thursday morning, when he made a rather unfortunate slip of the tongue.

During the live broadcast, Ben and the GMB producers decided to have some fun with anchor Susanna Reid, when they clocked that her brightly-coloured dress could be digitally altered using green screen technology.

After it was virtually switched over to a pattern made up of photos of Ben, Susanna commented: “I’m fully clad in Ben Shephard. I actually quite like that look.”

What she probably wasn’t prepared for would be him beginning his next sentence: “My nipples are…”

Susanna – digitally wrapped in Ben Shephard's face – was unsure how to react to his faux pas.

The blunder – which seemingly came after Ben got mixed up trying to comment on the appearance of his nostrils – was met with a stunned silence from his colleagues, including Susanna and Ranvir Singh.

GMB medic Dr Hilary Jones then joked: “We’ve got some surface anatomy revision going on this morning.”

Ranvir Singh on Good Morning Britain

“I didn’t…” Ben began, while Ranvir was seen struggling to speak through her laughs.

“Did your inner thoughts come out on national television to millions there, Ben Shephard?” Susanna then asked, teasing her mortified colleague even more.

Ben Shephard and a stunned Susanna Reid

Dr Hilary then joked: “I think that’s called a Freudian slip.”

“I meant nostrils! They’re very easily confused,” Ben protested, to which Susanna then replied: “Nobody’s thinking nostrils anymore.”

Good Morning Britain has not been far away from the headlines for long in recent weeks, following Piers Morgan’s much-publicised exit.

He left the show after it was announced that Ofcom was investigating comments he’d made on GMB about Meghan Markle, which has become the TV watchdog’s most complained-about moment ever.

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