29/07/2020 08:23 BST | Updated 29/07/2020 08:50 BST

Benedict Cumberbatch Surprising Comic Store Customers Dressed As Doctor Strange Is Just Glorious

You'll never guess who I just bumped into...

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A handful of comic fans’ dreams came true when the actual Doctor Strange casually rocked up to a comic bookstore IRL.

A video has emerged of Benedict Cumberbatch in full character regalia taking a break from filming the 2016 Marvel film to pay a visit to the store in Manhattan.

Sharing the video for the first time, Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson said they were filming the superhero movie outside the comic book store when he “spontaneously suggested” the British actor go inside.

The Sherlock star quickly drew stunned stares from customers, who rushed to pull out their phones to capture the moment.

Speaking in Doctor Strange’s American accent, the actor shook hands with a worker behind the counter, joking: “It’s lovely to come off the shelf and say hello.

“If the movie doesn’t work out and it bombs, can I come and work with you guys, at least?” Benedict quipped.

Not missing a beat, the employee immediately agreed but insisted that the actor would need to speak in an American accent for the job.

″That’s fine, I’m good with that. It’s very snooty the British accent,” he told him.

Luckily for Benedict, Doctor Strange didn’t bomb ― grossing over $677 million worldwide. It was even nominated for an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. 

Benedict will reprise his role in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, which has a release date of 2022.