Best Boxing Classes In London That Will Work You To The Core

Get ready to sweat. 👊

Over the past few years, boxing fitness classes have become a staple in our workout schedules - and not just for the boys.

Most sessions consist of doing different boxing sequences using the four common moves: a jab, cross, hook and uppercut.

Remember that all boxing classes are different. Some will focus on partner work, yet others will give you a punch bag to yourself for the whole hour.

Think about what you’d prefer, whether you’re a beginner or not and if you want some HIIT elements in your class to make sure you actually enjoy yourself.

Oh, and good luck - you’ll be sure to walk out feeling exhausted yet satisfied.

Boxit Bootcamp
Boxit bootcamp is just as you'd expect - it's got the intensity of a bootcamp class with a focus on boxing throughout. Basically, you're going to work up a sweat and there's no time to complain about it.

If you've never done a boxing class before then don't worry, newbies are taken aside at the beginning of the class to go through the three simple boxing punches and combinations to make sure you're getting the technique right.

The majority of the session is completed with a partner, although you'll be swapping and changing with anyone and everyone in the class. Oh, and don't be surprised if you're told to drop and do 10 burpees every now and then.

Sessions are outside in the summer and inside in the cold winter.

Price: £10 for a drop-in session or £70 for a block of 10.
Location: Clapham Common, south west London.
CityBoxer at The Ring
CityBoxer's classes might seem intimidating at first glance because they're located at The Ring boxing club, with a boxing ring inside. Thankfully, they are precisely the opposite.

They encourage men and women of all abilities to come to the 'Berserker Circuits' class and learn how to box, while having a great workout.

The focus is definitely on technique, and seeing as every trainer is either a professional boxer or professional trainer licensed by British Boxing, you know you're getting top-notch advice. The 50-minute class starts off with you learning about techniques of sparring and punches, before ending on an intense HIIT circuit.

Price: £15 per class.
Location: 70 Ewer St, Southwark, London SE1 0NR.
Boxerina at Paola's BodyBarre
Paola's BodyBarre's boxing class takes a unique twist, mixing ballet and boxing. If you're a fan of barre classes and want to push your muscles that little bit further, it'll be right up your street.

The Boxerina class begins with the fitness studio's signature barre sequence to focus on your strength, core and flexibility (because let's be honest - we're all guilty of neglecting these in our own workouts).

Next up are the sweat-inducing boxing circuits in pairs, where you work together completing a number of different combinations with short breaks in-between. It's high intensity, and probably not one for beginners.

Side note: You'll leave feeling completely zonked but with a brilliant sense of satisfaction.

Price: £28 per class.
Location: 70 Rosaline Rd, London SW6.
Rumble At 1Rebel
A cardio boxing class with mixed martial arts, 1Rebel’s Rumble will have you punching like nobody’s watching. The high-intensity class focuses on regular boxing combos, but there is plenty of time to kick the sh*t out of the bag.

There are regular cardio bursts to get your heart rate up such as burpees, mountain climbers and planks. Each person is stationed at their own punch bag. Tip: the class set-up can make it quite difficult to see the instructor, so don’t be afraid to head to the front row.

The classes take place in the basement, with an underground fight club-vibe, powered by the playlist which is specially mixed by 1Rebel resident DJ.

Faisal’s classes will have you working harder than you thought you could.

Be prepared to sweat, but don’t worry there are plenty of cold flannels in the changing room fridges to help you cool off after.

Price: £20 per class, but cheaper if you buy in bulk. A 'Rebel Pass' allows riders to commit to classes on a monthly basis.
Location: Liverpool Street.
Lights down, pads up, you’ll be hard set to find a class that gets you in the zone like KoBox. It’s like a nightclub, with pumping music, strobe lights and a lot of sweating.

The class is essentially a boxing circuit class, the 60-minute class split between bag work (boxing combos) and strength training (anything from push ups to throwing medicine balls and running while hooked to a resistance band).

Each person in the class gets allocated a number which corresponds to a specific punch bag and ‘floor spot’ around the room, boxers then switch between the two stations.

You get free wraps with your first KoBox class to go underneath the gloves. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to wrap them, there are handy instructions flashing onscreen in the waiting area and if you can grab a staff member (things get hectic) they will be happy to help you.

Tip: This class is not for beginners. There are so many people in the class that, in our experience, the instructor is hard-pressed to make individual adjustments - so make sure you know what you’re doing so you don’t get an injury.

Price: £25 first-timer deal (2 classes and a set of KoBox wraps), single class £20, but cheaper in bulk.
Location: Unit 8-11 Kings Walk, 122 Kings Road, London SW3 4TR.

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