5 Genius 'Clean Tok' Hacks (And The Products You'll Need To Pull Them Off)

We've scoured TikTok for all the best cleaning tips and we are shook.
Just two of the products that have gone viral on Clean Tok.
Just two of the products that have gone viral on Clean Tok.

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Cleaning is a task that very few of us actually relish, and (it’s okay to admit) try to get done as quickly and painlessly as possible. But what if it could be made a little more enjoyable?

Enter #CleanTok, a whole region of TikTok dedicated to cleaning tips and trends and having fun with it. Here you will find cleaning motivation, organisational tips and all the general housekeeping advice you could possibly need, paired with some really great product recommendations.

Admittedly, some Clean Tok trends are a little strange – the idea of crumbling up bath bombs to clean your toilet is kind of bizarre (and a bit of a waste, tbh). However, the platform is also home to some truly game-changing hacks.

Intrigued? We’ve put together a guide to our very favourite Clean Tok hacks – and all the products you need to try them at home.

We’ve linked to all the products along the way so you can snap up what you need directly from Amazon.

Deep sink clean


Reply to @vegan_vixen9 Deep sink cleaning 🧼 #cleantok #keepitsimple

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Sick of your dull-looking sink? TikTok user @nottheworstcleaner completely overhauled the appearance of hers with just a few simple cleaning tricks.

How exactly does she achieve such a shiny, clean sink (free from those nasty drain smells)? And what products does she recommend?

She starts off by spraying dish soap into her sink and uses The Original Scrub Daddy sponge to scrub it, before rinsing it with boiling water. Her next step is to pour a cup of baking soda into the plug hole and pack it down, before following up with some distilled white vinegar, letting it sit for a few minutes.

She then rinses the sink with hot water before spraying it with a stainless steel cleaner, followed by polishing it with a microfibre cloth.

By the end of the video, her sink looks like new again – and all it takes is a few minutes. (Who knew it was that easy?)

Sparkle that grout

TikTokker @livecomposed has a cleaning hack of her own, for making grout cleaning effortless (yes, really).

In her Clean Tok video, she explains that when she accidentally spilled degreaser on her kitchen floor, as she cleaned the spill up she noticed that it almost instantly lifted dirt from her tiles.

So, she soaked her floor in degreaser, left it to sit for a minute, and then used a grout brush to ensure all the grout was coated, before washing it off using a mop, revealing sparkling clean, fresh-looking lines.

Grout scrubbing is the worst, so this hack is a must-try if you want to speed up your cleaning regime.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Clean Tok user @maizimmy has a super simple tip for window and mirrors cleanin and it’s just so easy to follow.

Maizimmy pops a microfibre cloth on to the end of a ‘swiffer-style’ mop before spraying her mirror (this hack also works on glass) with aerosol window cleaning spray.

She then moves the mop up and down the mirror vertically, methodically wiping away the glass cleaning spray. Once all the spray has gone, a streak-free, shiny mirror is revealed.

This literally takes two-minutes and the results speak for themselves.

Easy bathroom spruce

User, @cleaning_at83 also has a hack for faster and more efficient bathroom cleaning – and it is genius.

She starts off by pouring bathroom cleaner into a refillable washing up brush handle, pops the lid on, and uses the brush to clean her bathroom appliances, from her sink and taps to her bath and shower.

It’s quick, easy and super effective. Plus, you only need two items to clean your entire bathroom. (I actually use this one myself, and trust me it works wonders).

Destaining cupboards

Clean Tok user @momthatlovestoclean shares her simple hack for easier cupboard cleaning.

She starts by squirting two pumps of dish soap into her mop bucket, followed by a sprinkling of powdered laundry detergent.

She then fills the bucket with hot water and dips the mop into it, before ringing it out so it’s damp (almost dry).

The next step is to use the mop to wipe the outside and inside of cupboard doors clean – the formula quickly removes dirt, stains and marks from the cupboard doors, leaving them sparkling and clean.

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