Lash Bar London Review: 9 Things You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions

Prepare to get addicted.

With endless new mascara launches, rising falsie sales (call it the TOWIE effect) and lash bars popping up left, right and centre, it’s safe to say we’re a nation obsessed with eyelashes.

Most recently it’s all about a subtle flutter - think more Kendall Jenner than rumoured-to-wear-three-pairs-at-once Katie Price.

Shooting for supermodel-style lashes without the tell-tale strip of glue, I’d tried fibre-filled mascara primers (they got stuck in my eyes), lash growing treatments (so irritating) and individual falsies (great but only lasted a week).

It was time for the big guns: lash extensions.

<strong>My eyelashes before and after a full set of Lash Pefect Varia extensions</strong>
My eyelashes before and after a full set of Lash Pefect Varia extensions
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I headed down to Lash Perfect’s Lash Bar in central London to get a full set of the salon’s new Russian ‘Varia’ treatment.

The latest in lash technology, Varia claim to be the fluffiest, most natural looking false eyelashes while still giving va va voom levels of volume.

Instead of the traditional method of applying one lash extension to each eyelash, multiple lashes can be added on to one individual lash - perfect for those with areas of sparse lashes like me.

Three months and a couple of touch-ups later, here’s what I learned:

1. You can tailor make the look you want.

The finished result can be as subtle or dramatic as you wish (I went for a high-impact, scattered effect). Choose from full sets, half sets or corner sweeps made from lashes of varying lengths and thicknesses.

2. It saves time if you skip the eye makeup before your appointment.

Sure, they’ll remove it all for you, but the whole process takes so long that anything to speed it up is a good thing.

3. Speaking of taking ages, prepare to fall asleep.

It is literally impossible not to nod off slightly when you lie down on a comfy bed with your eyes closed for a minimum of 1.5 hours for a full set, or 45 minutes for a touch up.

Get a power nap in and bring some headphones, or prepare to be bored.

4. They don’t feel weird.

Synthetic and ultra-fine (lashes come in 0.05mm, 0.07mm and 0.10mm thicknesses), they’re so light you won’t notice they’re on. The lashes also have a natural curl, so you can’t see them in your line of vision.

5. They’re pretty expensive.

A full set starts from £180, with £50 minimum for each maintenance appointment (recommended every two to three weeks, but mine lasted five to six).

6. And completely addictive.

If mascara is a gateway drug, this is class A beauty material. Seriously, my lashes have never looked this good and I didn’t want to stop until my bank balance was begging me to.

7. You’ll save so much time in the mornings.

It’s like waking up with half your makeup already done. They have so much face-enhancing power all I added was a tiny flick of liquid eyeliner, followed by a quick brush through of the lashes with a clean spoolie brush (provided at the appointment) and my eyes are done.

You can use non-waterproof mascara on the ends if you want, but I never needed to.

8. There are a few important rules to stick to.

You can’t get the lashes wet for 24 hours following an application, but after that they’ll last through showers, swimming and even rides at water parks (true story).

Skip oil-based makeup removers and skin products, which dissolve the bonds. Avoid eyelash curlers, (you won’t need them anyway), and try not to rub your eyes or wear sleep masks at night.

9. Taking them off makes you feel like a naked mole rat.

I got so used to my new giant eyes that when I decided to gave my lashes a break and let the extensions grow out, my real lashes looked so puny it made me want to cry all the way back to the lash bar.

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