These 9 Kids' Notes Brilliantly Sum Up Our Lives Right Now

"I'm writing a complaint on how awful your teaching skills are."

Parents at home with their kids have had it hard – 24/7 parenting, you could call it. Juggling work, homeschooling, an endless production line of food from the kitchen, and responding to your child’s every demand is no mean feat.

The claustrophobia is for real.

But it’s made that bit easier when your kid, adorably, writes a little note and passes it to you during a particularly hectic day.

Case in point: Marcus Ryder’s son below decided to cheer his dad up after seeing him on so many Zoom meetings. Aren’t they brilliant, sometimes?

We loved Marcus’ son’s note so much, we decided to go on the hunt for the best children’s notes that parents have shared during this pandemic.

Whether they’re making you feel better – or reminding you they need snacks – your kids will always make you laugh. Here are our favourites.

‘I’m writing a complaint on how awful your teaching skills are’

Nothing like brutal honesty.

‘I know your trying to make are lifes better but...’

Our hearts.

‘It will be okay’

We all need this reminder every now and then.

‘Best mum ever’

And this.

‘We have extra masks if you need one’

Kids checking on neighbours = doubly cute.

‘Where would we be without you!’

We’re feeling the love.

‘Your the bestise thing that ever happin to me’

No, you’re crying.

‘But head!’

There’s always one.

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