The Best Things About Being Vegan, As Explained By Vegans

"You don't participate in killing."

More people in Britain are choosing to adopt a vegan lifestyle than ever before.

There are now over half a million vegans in Britain; a growth of 350% in the last decade, according to a study commissioned by The Vegan Society.


And as animal farming - in particular cattle agriculture - is coming under increasing scrutiny over the environmental impact and animal welfare, veganism seems a far more palatable option for many people.

So we asked the vegan community to tell us, in their own words, what they think the best part of being a vegan is:

1. Easy To Prepare

Goldsmith's MA student Ewa Agata Balazinska said: "Vegan flavours are yum and easy to prep using plants, nuts and oils. Good not to participate in dairy and meat industry horrors."

2. "Unlimited" Carbohydrates

Tinfoil Vegan said on Twitter: "You can carbo load."

3. Delicious Food

Hedi Hearts, a "clean-eating" blogger, said: "You get to eat the most delicious food which is good for you, but for the planet too [sic]."


4. Putting Animals First

Lisa Humphrey, brand manager at vegan brand Fry’s Family Foods, said: "Not only do I feel the best I have ever felt, I’m putting the animals first and helping to save the planet at the same time. Being vegan is about living a kind life.”

5. Happiness

We Are Veganuary, a group that encourages people to adopt veganism, said: "The best thing about being vegan is discovering what true happiness feels like. #AtPeaceWithTheWorld"

6. Awakening

Karyna Wallace said on Twitter: "Awakening and ascension."

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7. Cruelty Free

Lisa Gawthorne, a vegan athlete, said: "The best thing is knowing that you are not relying on any animal to provide your food and that no suffering has taken place. – also known as eating 'cruelty free'”.

8. The Community

Rachel Lu said: "The sense of community. We get the odd not so nice person, every group does, but most vegans I know are just genuinely nice, normal people that want to make a difference."

9. Standing Up For Your Beliefs

Rachel Lu also said: "Feeling like I'm standing for my beliefs, it's so easy to say you disagree with something but actually putting yourself there is another thing entirely. It might not seem like it makes a big difference to some, but all those small differences we make add up."


10. Love

Vegan Fairy Princess on Twitter said: "You live in love. Every meal is a choice to love, not kill (animals, your body, the planet)! Vegan is love!"

11. Brownies

Charleh Dickinson said: "Vegan brownies! <3"