Comedian Beth Newell Tweets About Giving Birth In A Car, Tweets Honda Asking For A Free One

If you don't ask, you don't get.

A comedian who unexpectedly gave birth in the back of a car decided to share her birth story in the way she knows best... as a joke.

Beth Newell, 30, from New York, tweeted car manufacturer Honda with a selfie of herself and her newborn baby.

"Earlier today I gave birth to my daughter in the back of a Honda Fit. It is a mess," she wrote in the tweet. "Can I have a free car?"

Newell's tweet on the 1 May had more than 17,000 retweets in just three days, with many people tweeting both the new mum and Honda, agreeing she should get a new car.

Playing it cool, the official Honda Twitter account congratulated Newell on the birth and replied to her request.

"Congrats on your beautiful new baby girl," they tweeted back.

"We’d love to get your contact info to see how we can be of service. Can you please DM us?"

Did she get a free car? Not exactly.

Newell told BuzzFeed that Honda offered to pay for the cleaning and seat replacement free of charge.

Speaking of the birth, Newell said she was on the way to hospital to deliver her baby with her husband, Peter, when her waters broke.

"Five minutes down the road, my daughter's head was out," she added.

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