BGT Viewers' Favourite Moment Of Night, Was Wayne's Dad Falling Off Chair

Fortunately, he didn't ruin his son's big moment.

Never mind all the talent on the stage, the one show-stealer that all the BGT viewers were talking about… Wayne's dad, falling off his chair.


Contestant Wayne Woodward's dad was so excited to see his son perform, he started cheering, bouncing in his seat and, in his excitement managed to miss his chair altogether, much to the merriment of the audience at home.

Fortunately, Wayne's father stealing his moment didn't hurt the singer's chances, as all four judges gave him a 'Yes' for his rendition of Frank Sinatra's 'The Way You Look Tonight'.

<strong>Wayne wasn't put off by his father's disappearance from his seat</strong>
Wayne wasn't put off by his father's disappearance from his seat

Funnily enough, before Wayne's dad proved just how necessary the audience reaction shots were, viewers had been complaining on social media about the frequency of them, with some criticising them as fake, and saying if they wanted audience reactions, they'd tune into 'Gogglebox'.

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Another Kind Of Blue
Following on from the success of Attraction on the show a few years ago, this group - made up of dancers Antonio and Violet, creator Davide and two backstage assistants - bring their unique act to the stage. This imaginative performance features a mix of dance and projections in a way we haven’t seen before, and is one not to be missed.
Roberto Carlos
If we’re being really honest, juggling is pretty darn boring. But that may be because we’d never seen Roberto perform the circus act, as he juggles balls with his mouth. Yes, his MOUTH. We can only imagine what the 26-year-old Mexican performer has up if sleeve if he makes it through to the next round.
Richard Jones
Proceeded by a montage of terrible magic acts, something tells you that 25-year-old soldier Richard is going to be good, as he performs his trick for the judges. Let’s just say it involves mind reading, origami, and making a cup of tea and will leave you so frustrated for not being able to work out how he did it.
Jack Higgins
Move over Billy Elliot! Jack’s audition proves to be particularly emotional, as not only is his ballet performance stunning, the 14-year-old also reveals to the judges the torment he has faced at the hands of school bullies for his love of dancing. You’ll want the tissues for this one.
100 Voices Of Gospel
“I’m still dying for a choir to come out and do what they do on Sister Act and go for it,” Alesha says to Amanda as 100 Voices Of Gospel take to the stage. And boy does she get her wish. The group’s rendition of ‘This Little Light’ of mine takes an unexpected turn, and even has Alesha and Simon fighting. But you’ll have to tune in if you want to find out why.

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