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'Big Brother' 2016: Andy Comes To Blows With Hughie And Ryan Over Proposal Prank

'They should not make a mockery of what people have fought for generations for.'

Andy West is set to come to blows with ‘Big Brother’ housemates Hughie Maughan and Ryan Ruckledge, when he takes offence to one of their pranks.

In scenes to air on tonight’s (6 July) episode of the Channel 5 reality show, viewers will see Andy lose it with the pair when they pretend they are engaged.

Chanel 5
Andy got engaged in the house earlier this week

Andy, who got engaged earlier this week when his boyfriend Ed entered the house, berates the couple for making a mockery of those who fought for LGBT equality.

When Hughie and Ryan announce news of their ‘engagement’ to the house, Andy remarks: “If they are being serious then good luck to them! It’s a very serious commitment, do you think you should spend time outside of the house?”

Getting up and heading to the bedroom, he says to Jackson Blyton: “Anyone can get engaged at anytime they want to, that’s important. But when I think about the people who have fought for generations to do what they’ve just done. You have to mean it, be sincere. You don’t just say it! Sorry… I swear if they are taking the fucking piss I will lose my temper!”

As Laura Carter then tells the rest of the group not to take Ryan and Hughie seriously, Andy hits back: “They should not joke and not make a mockery of what people have fought for generations for. It’s not about me.”

Channel 5
Andy is not impressed with Ryan and Hughie

Hughie then asks to speak to Andy, who tells him: “My point of view. People say it’s a joke but I’m saying if it’s a joke it’s sick. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

The pair begin to argue, with Hughie claiming Andy is trying to “twist” things, and it’s not long before Jackson has to pull Hughie away to calm him down.

Andy later laments in the Diary Room: “I’ve let this get to me. It does really matter. My ring represents all of the people who’ve wanted to wear this ring before, and all of the people who want to wear it now, and they weren’t or not allowed, and that’s why two boys playing a prank matters.”

Will the trio call a truce? Find out on tonight’s ‘Big Brother’, airing at 9pm on Channel 5.

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