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'Big Brother' 2016: Jason Burrill And Charlie Doherty In Explosive Row Over Cheating

It doesn't look like these two are getting back together any time soon.

If we were locked up in a house with one of our exes, there would be a LOT of screaming, but so far Big Brother's Jason Burrill and Charlie Doherty have managed to keep things pretty civil - until now that is. 

A massive row between the former lovers erupts on tonight's edition of the Channel 5 reality show, with Charlie sensationally claiming to her housemates that Jason cheated on her. 

Channel 5
Charlie Doherty and Jason Burrill are set to come to blows

It all kicks off when Jason is telling some of his housemates about a night out he had with his friends for his birthday, and Charlie is bemused as to why he had never mentioned it to her before. 

As he later confronts her, telling her not to accuse him of lying, she says: "You did lie to me! Fine, we’re not together. I don’t want to talk about that time, it was a bad time for me.”

He responds, asking: “How about kicking my dog?”

Charlie later tries to explain his comment about kicking his dog to the rest of her housemates, saying: "I’ve never kicked that dog. We were having a massive row and I ran away, and the dog was in the way and I went to push it out the way, I did not kick that dog. I’m not going to lie; I can’t stand the dog. I would never kick an innocent animal in my life!"

She then drops a bombshell on them, continuing: "He said this on national TV cos I told him I found out he went to Sugar Hut and he got a hotel without telling me! There you go it’s all out!

"I found out he was Facebooking my friend, who is a stunning girl, was there at the same night."

Channel 5
Charlie had been hoping to win Jason back

She then speaks to Jayne Connery about it further, stating: “He knows he cheated and didn’t want to look bad.”

However, her comments are overheard by Jason, who explodes at his ex. 

“I can hear what you’re doing, don’t talk about me, as I don’t talk about you,” he says. 

“Why are you accusing me of cheating? I haven’t cheated in my life! That’s a lie!” 

Charlie then tries to backtrack on her comments, telling Jayne: “I don’t know he cheated, I shouldn’t have said that. […] I’m not having that comment made about me, I did not kick that dog. He’s clever with his words, I say it how it is and he manipulates things.”

Meanwhile, Jason is still raging about the situation, telling Big Brother in the Diary Room: "This is what I’ve been trying to avoid. I should have been the bigger person, but I snapped. I should have walked away and not said anything.

"I think it’s irreversible now. It's come to light what people been trying to tell me that Charlie is playing a game. I’m not surprised." 

See the pair's row in full on tonight's episode of 'Big Brother, which airs at 9pm on Channel 5. 

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