'Big Brother': 'Eviction Massacre' Explained, As Annihilation Week Comes To An End

There's one last shocker in store.

‘Annihilation Week’ in the ‘Big Brother’ house is to end with a bang tonight (15 July), with one final eviction set to rock the house.

Over the past seven days, the group have been put through their paces, with surprise evictions, divisive tasks and prize fund bombshells being chucked at the remaining housemates left, right and centre.

It has now been revealed that the contestants are being whittled down even further in an impending ‘Eviction Massacre’, which will see three members of the group facing the cop.

<strong>The 'BB' housemates are in for a shock</strong>
The 'BB' housemates are in for a shock
Channel 5

At present, all of the housemates - safe for Andy West, who was granted immunity in one of the first twists of the week - are currently up for the public vote, with three of them eventually finding themselves on the line, depending on who viewers want out.

It will then be up to the rest of the housemates to decide who gets the boot, with the chosen contestant then leaving the house live.

<strong>Andy is the only housemate immune from elimination this week</strong>
Andy is the only housemate immune from elimination this week
Channel 5

So far this week, Chelsea Singh and Lateysha Grace have both left the house via the back door, thanks to ‘Annihilation Week’ twists, without any crowds outside, or interviews with Emma Willis.

The group were also split in two thanks to a “rich” and “poor” task, which saw each of the remaining contestants being given the chance to pocket a portion of the eventual winner’s prize fund.

Find out who gets the boot in Friday’s ‘Big Brother’, which airs at 9pm on Channel 5.

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