02/06/2016 15:46 BST | Updated 14/09/2018 12:12 BST

'Big Brother': 18 Of The Funniest Moments EVER

Channel 5 has confirmed they won't be airing the reality juggernaut in 2019.

Over the years, ‘Big Brother’ has brought drama to the nation on countless occasions. Whether it’s shocking twists, intriguing romances (though ‘showmances’ is probably more accurate most of the time) or blazing rows, ‘BB’ has gripped viewers all over the country for the best part of 20 years.

But the reason fans have kept coming back year after year isn’t for the bitching and backstabbing, or the arguments and altercations - or, at least, it’s not just for that. In fact, it’s for the laughter.

As Channel 5 announces that the upcoming series of ‘Big Brother’ will be their last, we’ve rounded up 18 of our favourite funny moments from the ‘BB’ vaults...

  • Josie Gibson Looks On The Bright Side (2010)
    If we had a penny for every time Josie says 'ripped off by a chimpanzee' in this clip, we'd have... well, we'd have three pennies. 
  • Brian Belo Rises To The Challenge (2007)
    'Grandmother... gran... nan... old dear... old dot... old girl...'
  • Joel Performs 'The Winner Takes It All' (2015)
    What he lacks in knowledge of the lyrics, he makes up for in inappropriate slut-drops.
  • Kinga Falls Off A Bucking Bronco (2005)

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    She might be more famous for her 'wine bottle' moment, but this is what we'll always be reminded of when we think of Kinga.
  • Kate Lawler Takes A Tumble (2002)
    Oh dear.
  • Nadia Has A Spot Of Trouble With A Deckchair ('Ultimate Big Brother')
  • Nikki Grahame Is... Well... Herself (2006)
    Although Nikki is best remembered for her furious rants in the Diary Room, she still brought the drama on the outside, when forced to get out of bed for the 'State Of Susie' challenge.
  • 'I've Already Got The Sniffles' (2004)

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    The look in Victor's eyes when he realises he's dropped the 'slick man' persona and said the word 'sniffles' is pretty special.
  • Alison Hammond Breaks The 'BB' Table (2002)
    'I can probably bend it back..?'
  • Glyn Cooks An Egg 'For The Very First Time' (2006)
    Sadly, the actual footage of Glyn and his egg has disappeared from the web, but at least we have this fabulous remix.
  • 'I Could Be Pregnant' (2005)
    Nothing encompasses the spirit of 'Big Brother 6' quite like Makosi looking straight into the camera and whispering the immortal line: 'I could be pregnant.'
  • Jayne Thinks Big Brother Is On Drugs (2016)
    A moment that Nikki Grahame would be proud of. 
  • Mario And Lisa Enjoy A Biscuit (2009)
    The last time we ever want to hear tea described as 'juicy'. The ultimate in watch-through-your-fingers TV.
  • 'Basic rations for a basic bitch' (2015)
    Aisleyne calls it exactly as she sees it.
  • Shell Mows The Lawn Naked (2004)
    When morale in the house was at a bit of a low, Shell had the novel idea that a spot of nude lawn-mowing would go down a treat with her housemates. She was, of course, correct.
  • Kemal Puts Maxwell In His Place (2005)
    Kemal's response to having water thrown over him in his bed is the stuff of 'BB' magic.
  • 'Pee-puhhhl' (2010)
    Ben had an unusual approach to the Journey classic 'Don't Stop Believing' during the 'BB11' singing task.
  • Nikki Grahame Vents In The Diary Room (2006)
    And what better way to end than with a compilation of Nikki's best Diary Room moments?