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'Big Brother' 2016: Housemate Ryan Ruckledge's Most Controversial Moments

We don't think he's going to be a shrinking violet in the 'BB' house.

In addition to the 12 housemates currently shacked up in the ‘Big Brother’ house, Tuesday night’s (7 June) launch show also introduced us to six ‘others’, who currently live in a secret house just feet away.

Among them is Ryan Ruckledge, who reality TV fans might recall from the most recent series of ‘The X Factor’, on which he raised eyebrows among viewers and fellow contestants with his behaviour at the Bootcamp stage of the competition.

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Ryan Ruckledge

Since then, Ryan has repeatedly landed himself in hot water with the press, for his outrageous behaviour and outspoken views...

1. 'This Morning'

Before he found… erm… let’s say “fame” on ‘The X Factor’, Ryan caused a stir with this appearance on ‘This Morning’, in a segment called ‘Dying For A Tan’. He was criticised for promoting dangerous behaviour, when he revealed he was using illegal tanning injections to counter his pale complexion.

2. 'The X Factor'

Ryan’s turn at Bootcamp during this year’s ‘X Factor’ was a memorable one, with Simon Cowell eventually being pushed to describe the aspiring singer as a “horror of a human being” who deserved to get “what was coming to him” in the competition. We won’t spoil it for you, but it was quite the cringe-fest.

During the critique, Nick Grimshaw was heard mumbling: “He wants to be on ‘Big Brother’, not ‘X Factor’.” The man is clearly a prophet.

3. 'Blackface' Backlash

Last Halloween, coming off the back of his time on ‘X Factor’, Ryan was bombarded with furious tweets when his Halloween costume incorporated blackface, prompting accusations of racism.

We don’t really feel like including a photo of a man in blackface, it being 2016 and everything, so let's move swiftly on.

4. Cilla Black

Days later, perhaps enjoying having his name in the headlines once again, he whipped out another distasteful fancy dress costume a few days later, dressing up as the late Cilla Black for what we assume was another party and not just a night in kicking around the house.

Along with his photo, he tweeted the message “surprise surprise, Cilla’s black”, which, again, sparked a huge outcry on social media.

5. Sam Reece Feud

Bill Leslie / Splash News

Cast your mind back to January, when all any of us could talk about was Stephanie Davis and Sam Reece, with the former ‘Hollyoaks’ actress claiming her ex had been unfaithful to her on multiple occasions, which he denied.

Perhaps sensing an opportunity to get his face back in the papers, Ryan decided to involve himself in the story, claiming to have his own frisson with Sam while they were working in Magaluf together - though the model was quick to insist this was fabricated.

6. 'BB' Twitter Storm

He might have only been in the house for a day, but already Ryan’s presence has caused controversy. When viewers was noted on Twitter that his bio described him as a ‘Big Brother Other’, it was suggested he was already aware of his part in this year’s twist. A Channel 5 spokesperson has since insisted that Ryan went into hiding at the end of May, and his Twitter account is now being looked after by someone else.

'Big Brother' airs every night on Channel 5.

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