21/07/2016 11:59 BST | Updated 21/07/2016 12:00 BST

'Big Brother': Alex Cannon's Letter From Home Is Guaranteed To Get You Teary

There wasn't a dry eye in the house they heard form their families.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the ‘Big Brother’ house on Wednesday (21 July), when the group were finally given their letters from home.

The remaining contestants have been locked away with no contact from the outside world for the past 44 days, so when the news came that they’d each be getting a message from home, they were understandably excited.

Laura Carter struggled to hold back tears as Andy West read out her letter from her dad, where he told her: “You’ve taken the knocks so bravely, and have always got back up and kept going, making us so enormously proud. We love you a million zillion.”

Channel 5
Laura gets a comforting message from her family

Alex Cannon also had an emotional reaction when his letter was read out, as his dad told him: “I can’t believe the end is so near, and you’re still going so strong, but we never doubted you for a second.

“Words can’t begin to describe how proud we are of you, and I know for a fact mum would be more proud than anyone. She knew you’d be a star and how right she was.”

Channel 5
Alex is comforted by Jason

Jackson Blyton was shown getting simialrly misty-eyed when he got an update on his four-year-old son, while Jason Burrill teared up as he got an update from his father, who assured him: “I’m fine, and I’m proud of the way you’ve acted on ‘Big Brother’.”

Channel 5
Jackson breaks down in tears at the mention of his son

See the housemates’ letters from home in full in Thursday’s ‘Big Brother’, airing at 10pm on Channel 5.

The episode will also show the aftermath of Sam Giffen’s killer nomination, after he chose to save Jayne Connery and instead put Andy up for eviction.

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