15/06/2017 08:43 BST

Big Brother's Deborah Agboola Calls Out Rebecca Over 'Aggressive' Comment

'Take away my skin colour and no one would say I'm aggressive.'

Deborah Agboola called out Rebecca Jane in Wednesday’s (14 June) ‘Big Brother’, after being branded “aggressive” during an argument.

The pair became involved in a heated row when Rebecca and Lotan told Deborah’s sister, Hannah Agboola that she was “selfish”, following a separate argument about when the housemates should eat dinner.

When Deborah became involved, Rebecca told her that she was being “aggressive”, to which she hit back: “I’m cool with everyone, I don’t know about this aggressive stuff. You’re the one who’s going psycho for someone who doesn’t even want you.”

Channel 5
Rebecca Jane in the sofa area

Unhappy that her flirting with Kieran Lee had been brought up, Rebecca told Deborah that she’d made a “low blow”, but Deborah insisted that her fellow housemate had been just as personal with her “aggressive” jibe.

When Lotan Carter told her not to “get personal”, she said: “If someone tells me I’m being aggressive, what do you think I am? I will go personal, that’s something I do, that’s what I do.

“If I took away my skin colour - and I’m going to take it there - no one would say I’m aggressive.”

Channel 5
Deborah Agboola

Rebecca was quick to jump in, saying the argument had “nothing to do with that”, but Deborah responded: “If you walked in my shoes every day and spoke the way I spoke and 10 million people told you that you were aggressive... I take [being called aggressive] personally.”

Viewers were quick to take Deborah’s side, agreeing that Rebecca was wrong to use the word “aggressive” to refer to a young black woman stating her opinion.

Rebecca previously rowed with Sukhvinder Javeed about race, after the entrepreneur said Rebecca’s attitude towards women wearing make-up was a form of “discrimination”.

‘Big Brother’ airs nightly on Channel 5.

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