14/06/2016 12:32 BST

'Big Brother': Ryan Ruckledge Accused Of 'Hate Speech' After 'Transphobic' Tweet Is Unearthed

He might live to regret posting that tweet...

‘Big Brother’ contestant Ryan Ruckledge is no stranger to controversy, but he’s now found himself at the centre of another media storm, after one of his old tweets has come back to haunt him.

Ryan has been accused of both transphobia and racism, after a tweet sent from his account in 2012 and addressed to that year’s ‘BB’ winner, Luke Anderson, was unearthed.

Warning, extremely offensive content below...

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Ryan Ruckledge

The offending tweet read: “I hope you make the most of your minge while youve got it cos we all no you gonna buy urself a black cock with your winnings!”

After reposting the message on Tuesday (14 June), Luke - who is transgender - told The Mirror: “If ‘Big Brother’ are removing housemates for racial slurs and abusive past tweets, then yes, without a doubt [he should be removed].

"In previous shows housemates using derogatory racial terms had been ejected immediately. Transphobic hate speech is no different. There is a growing LGBT community who will be offended.”

Luke also described Ryan as a “disgusting imbecile” on Twitter.

Luke Anderson at the 'BB' final in 2012

The tweet has since vanished from Ryan’s Twitter page without any mention of it.

A ‘BB’ spokesperson told HuffPost UK that they’d be monitoring Ryan’s behaviour in future, explaining: “‘Big Brother’ does not condone any offensive behaviour in the House.

“If offensive comments of that sort are made in the house, ‘Big Brother’ will deal with them appropriately, in accordance with its long-standing protocols.”

Before entering the ‘BB’ house, Andrew faced a backlash on social media over Halloween, after he published a photo of himself on the internet in blackface.

The latest controversy comes after Andrew Tate was confirmed to have been ejected from the ‘BB’ house.

Although a ‘BB’ spokesperson declined to comment on exactly why Andrew had been removed, he has claimed it’s due to a video that has resurfaced, showing him hitting a woman with a belt.

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