'Big Brother' 2016: 'Others' Target 'Sexy' Laura Carter In First Twist Of The Series

Laura will rue the day she named herself sexiest housemate.

The first ‘Big Brother’ twist is officially underway, with the six ‘others’ currently scheming to try and bag a place in the main house.

In Tuesday night’s (7 June) launch show, viewers were introduced to 12 brand new housemates, as well as six ‘others’, who are currently hidden away in a house next door, unbeknown to their neighbours.

The chosen six were instructed by Big Brother that in order to land a spot as a bonafide housemate, they’d have to play dirty, and one by one pick off contestants in the main house to steal their place.

<strong>'Bossy', 'Game Player' and 'Naughty' are the seldom-mentioned 'Seven Dwarves'</strong>
'Bossy', 'Game Player' and 'Naughty' are the seldom-mentioned 'Seven Dwarves'
Channel 5

As part of the first task of the series, the 12 main housemates were given a task to each stand behind a podium with a descriptor on it, with words ranging from ‘honest’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘intelligent’ to ‘game-player’ and ‘secretive’.

While Marco Pierre White Jr went straight for ‘naughty’, not letting anyone else stand in the way, and former BBC reporter Andy West got his wish to stand behind ‘intelligent’, Alex Cannon seemed less impressed to have landed ‘sensitive’.

<strong>Laura Carter's choice had big consequences</strong>
Laura Carter's choice had big consequences
Channel 5

However, it was Laura Carter who will probably live to regret her choice, as she stood behind ‘sexy’ - which was chosen by the ‘others’ as the label they’d like to target first.

Without knowing which housemate was standing behind which word, the ‘others’ chose the ‘sexy’ contestant as their first target, claiming as a group it was an “easy choice”.

<strong>The 'others' were given a replica of the podiums, which confused Ryan (though we're guessing that's not difficult)</strong>
The 'others' were given a replica of the podiums, which confused Ryan (though we're guessing that's not difficult)
Channel 5

It was then up to Laura to choose one of her fellow contestants to face the public vote this Friday, picking Lateysha Grace because she “hadn’t spoken to her as much as everyone else”.

However, that’s not the end of the twist, with Big Brother ominously warning the group: “More of you will be targeted. No one is safe.”

Emma Willis then teased that the ‘others’ would have more tricks ahead of Friday’s first eviction, in a bid to hold onto their place in the show.

‘BB’ continues on Wednesday (8 June) at 10pm on Channel 5.

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