Watch This Machine Suck Blackheads Out Of People's Faces

We can't look away.

Christmas is a time to sit back, relax and... watch people have blackheads sucked out of their faces.

In the video above, a handful of vloggers try out a ‘blackhead vacuum cleaner’ - with fascinating results.

The product (professionally known as an electric pore cleanser) sucks oil and dead skin up off the face, leaving a grossly satisfying bit of facial residue on the device itself.

“This is nasty!” says YouTuber Jeffree Star, while asking his green-haired co-star if it feels weird on his face.

“It’s not too bad,” he replies. “I can feel it pulling on my nose for sure.”

But using the device isn’t all fun and games. YouTuber Nicole Skyes said that after using it, she was left with a bruised face.

“It had these weird bruised lines,” she explained. “But my chin does feel really soft.”

YouTuber Hey Its Feiii branded it as the “most disgusting, but coolest thing she’s done”.

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