Bodybuilder Shares Body Positive Post Showing Abs 'Softening Up' Out Of Season

'Don’t let the scale dictate your life.'

A bodybuilder has shared a body positive snap of how she looks when she’s not training for a major competition.

Tesia Kline, from Georgia, has documented her weight loss transformation and bodybuilding journey on Instagram, where she’s amassed almost 60,000 followers.

Recently, Kline shared a candid snap of her body which has “softened up” since she competed back in August.

She posted an inspiring message explaining that while her body may have changed, she’s still “making gains” and is healthier and happier than ever.

“Don’t let the scale dictate your life,” she wrote. “You are much more than a number.”

Speaking candidly about her body and self-esteem, Kline, 25, added: “Not gonna lie: sometimes I look back at where I was on stage and think, geez wtf happened [sic]??

“I can’t let it drag me down though. Just gotta keep moving forward and reminding myself that I’m awesome and capable of ANYTHING I put my mind to... and so are YOU!!”

Her body confident post received almost 1,500 likes and numerous comments.

One person said she had been body-shamed at school that day, but Kline’s post made her realise that she shouldn’t care what other people think.

Another commented said: “Tis the season for a little extra fluff! You’re always beautiful, regardless of weight or any other shallow reason.”

Since beginning her weight loss journey, Kline has lost a staggering 23kgs (3 stone and 8lbs).

She documented everything on her Instagram page, with thousands following her journey and advice.

A few weeks ago, Kline spoke about the worry of being left with excess skin after losing weight.

She wrote: “If you’re worried about having loose skin while losing weight, DON’T BE!! Being healthy is 1,000x more important than having something that means so little. It shows your hard work and what you’ve been through!

“Your skin is a part of YOU. You’re awesome and very much capable of way more than you think.”

She has also spoken candidly about the unrealistic expectations women face in regards to their bodies.

“Beginning a weight loss, body building, or just a healthy lifestyle in general will never be an easy one,” she explained in an Instagram post.

“If it was easy, EVERYONE would be doing it. But the main key to any successful journey is LOVING yourself enough to even start regardless of what shape you’re in. ‘Real women have curves. Real women have muscle.’ Bullsh*t. Real women are ALL of that and SO much more!!

“We are soft and fluffy. We are tight and lean. We have belly rolls and cellulite. We have blemishes and stretch marks. We have loose skin and body/facial hair. And we are all HUMAN!

“It’s time to STOP judging women for not meeting the magazines’ and media’s idea of perfect. Be and do whatever the f*ck you want to do, because life is too damn short to be anything but HAPPY!!”

Amen to that.

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