02/09/2018 22:00 BST

'Bodyguard' Episode 3 Review: The 12 Burning Questions We Have Now

This series really isn't letting up.


The BBC’s new thriller ‘Bodyguard’ had viewers well and truly gripped with its double-bill of episodes over the Bank Holiday weekend, then we had to endure an unbearable six-day wait to find out what happened next. 

If you were hoping for some answers to the huge list of questions the first two instalments threw up, we’ve got some bad news - episode three has delivered a whole lot more...

Who leaked Julia’s itinerary?

As the police reeled from the attempted assassination of the Home Secretary, they reached the conclusion that the only way gunman Andy would have known Julia’s movements is if they had been leaked. Could the information have come from inside the police, or could this have been David?

Why is David failing to report back all the info on the Home Secretary’s dealings?

While David has appeared to accept the offer to act as a double agent while protecting Julia, he is not reporting back all the information he has uncovered to his bosses. Is this because he has actually fallen for Julia, or he is plotting his own revenge against her that doesn’t involve the police?


Why haven’t the police been able to ID Andy?

Seriously, what is taking them so long? And what will happen when they do eventually identify him and discover his link to David? 

What is on the tablet that was given Julia?

It obviously contains highly confidential information about someone who has sexually assaulted a woman called Charlotte Foxford, and is also an abuser of alcohol and cocaine. But whose file is it, and why is that person of interest to Julia? 


Who is Richard Longcross?

Initially the police believed Julia is receiving secret visits from the security services. When David stopped and questioned one of them, he claimed his name was Richard Longcross, but this did not check out on any police database, suggesting there is much more to this character than anyone first thought. 

What was Julia’s meeting with the PM at Chequers about?

Julia’s unsolicited and undercover visit to see the PM came after the delivery of the tablet - is that what she was discussing with him? Is the PM perhaps implicated in the case, and she is using this as a way of staging a coup? 

Is she genuinely making a leadership challenge?

Other ministers were certainly panicked by Julia’s visit to Chequers and predicted a reshuffle was imminent, while we also saw her change a word in her speech to include the word ‘leadership’, which could indicate that she has her eyes on No. 10. 


Did David buy Julia’s explanation about why she didn’t warn him of the school attack?

It not only seemed like David believed her explanation, but agreed with her course of action. Surely he can’t have really?

Did David willingly let that bomb go off?

When David became suspicious of Julia’s aide and stopped him to see inside his briefcase, we never actually saw the contents. The next thing we knew, the place was blown to pieces. Are we to believe her aide was the bomber, and if so, had David seen the bomb and chosen to ignore it, or had he missed it?

But was Julia’s aide actually the bomber?

We never saw their face before the explosion... 


Did Andy (aka Adrian Smith) have an accomplice?

Last week, we floated the theory that Andy could have been part of a terror cell, and police now believe he wasn’t acting alone either. The closing shots of the show appeared to suggest David is a potential suspect, but surely that is too obvious?

Does Julia survive?

There’s currently no word on Julia’s condition after the blast, and while it might seem implausible that one of the central characters would be killed off so early in the series, it wouldn’t be the first time Jed Mercurio has done it - need we remind you of ‘Line Of Duty’ series three.

‘Bodyguard’ continues next Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.