08/06/2017 10:14 BST | Updated 08/06/2017 11:16 BST

Boob Nail Art Is Helping To Free The Nipple, And It's Cool AF

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Boob nail art has a powerful agenda. 

Featuring nipples in all shapes, colours and sizes - even including piercings - the statement making design makes a stand against sexism, and we love it. 

The look was created by New York City-based nail artist Mei Kawajiri of ‘Nails By Mei’. 

Taking to Instagram on Sunday 4 June, the artist shared her design with her 60,000 followers.

“Pierced nipple? Or no? Nipple hoops for thumbs?” she wrote. 

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Kawajiri’s model was Erose Aziza, a musician based in New York City, and it was she who added a political edge to the design.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday 4 June, Aziza shared a photo of her manicure with the ‘Free The Nipple’ hashtag. 

The #FreeTheNipple campaign was created in 2012 to fight against policing of women’s bodies, in response to Instagram’s history of removing photos of women who bare their nipples.

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Social media users have also been quick to share their thoughts on it.

“Oh my God, amazing,” one commented. 

“Most definitely wearing this to work. Boobs go with everything,” another posted.

It’s certainly a creative way to get past the ban on female nipple exposure. 

(H/T: Elite Daily)