Boris Johnson Bottles Luxembourg Press Conference As Protesters Boo And Jeer

PM cancels appearance after crowd holding anti-Brexit signs and singing 'Ode to Joy' turned out to greet him.

It’s no secret that Boris Johnson has caused his fair share of protests since becoming prime minister – especially with his decision to suspend parliament ahead of the Brexit deadline.

But the PM’s demonstrators went international on Monday as the PM met with Luxembourg’s prime minister Xavier Bettel in the country’s capital city – and it seems like Johnson didn’t enjoy the heckling one bit.

So much so, it has been suggested it influenced his decision to cancel his appearance at a press conference after the meeting.

The UK leader was met with a chorus of boos and jeers from the pro-EU rally as he arrived at the Ministry of State, with one protester shouting: “Stop the coup. Tell the truth,” over a loudspeaker.

“Bog off Boris,” they added. Many of the protesters are believed to be British ex-pats living in Luxembourg. In the crowd, people held “Bollocks to Boris” signs.

Following the PM’s *chilly* reception, it was revealed that he would not attend the press conference planned for after his meeting. Instead, he gave a statement to a small group of journalists near the residence of the British ambassador.

No.10 said Johnson had asked to move the press conference inside but the Luxembourg PM refused.

You might think that Johnson would be better equipped to handle hecklers by now.

“Why are you not with them [MPs] in parliament sorting out the mess that you have created? Why don’t you sort it out, Boris?”

Hitting back at the prime minister’s “girly swot” comment about David Cameron, she said to the crowd: “Thank you very much there to our Northern Powerhouse minister and the prime minister there.

“Can you just put your hands together to say thanks to them?

“I’d just like to point out – I am a girly swot and I’m proud of it. Let’s see who’s in their job the longest.” Someone get the PM some aloe vera for that burn.