01/08/2019 13:26 BST

Boris Johnson Has Spent More Than £500 On A Brexit Countdown Clock For No.10

Timepiece is to be displayed in the prime minister's Downing Street office.

Boris Johnson has spent more than £500 on a clock counting down to Brexit which will be displayed in his Downing Street office.

No taxpayers’ money was spent on the the Wharton digital clock, which will count down to Britain’s exit from the EU on October 31, and is sold for £587 on one website.

The clock is large enough to be seen from 100 metres away, and the prime minister will hope it helps make his pledge to deliver Brexit “do or die” on Halloween clear to both Whitehall and the EU.

The purchase was revealed by Press Association photographer, who snapped a parcel being carried into Number 10.

A similar model has been mounted in Tory HQ.

It came as the government faced criticism for allocating more than £2bn extra for no-deal Brexit planning.

One Tory MP told HuffPost UK the clock “looks like a serious piece of kit”.

“It also indicates that he is putting pressure on his team to deliver a very real Brexit.”