'Operation Save Big Dog': Boris Johnson Apparently Has A New Name For Himself

And there's an "operation" to save him.
Boris Johnson looks on during a coronavirus briefing in Downing Street.
Boris Johnson looks on during a coronavirus briefing in Downing Street.
via Associated Press

In a week that has already given us revelations about a lockdown-busting ‘BYOB’ party at No.10 attended by Boris Johnson, and celebrations at Downing Street fuelled by a “suitcase of wine” as the Queen mourned Prince Philip alone, it’s hard to imagine British politics getting any more bizarre.

But on Friday afternoon, it did.

The Independent reported Johnson drawing up a list of officials to offer resignations in a bid to save his prime ministership. What’s more, the PM has reportedly called the plan “Operation Save Big Dog”.

The idea is to limit the damage caused by the much-anticipated Sue Gray report, which is expected to be published next week.

It is believed that Dan Rosenfield, Boris Johnson’s chief of staff, and his private secretary Martin Reynolds, the man behind the infamous ‘BYOB’ party email, are being considered as possible falls guys. The plan will also sniff out potential leadership rivals.

The Independent reports: “The ‘save big dog’ plan includes a communications ‘grid’ in the lead up to the investigation’s conclusion and beyond.

“This comprises lines for supportive ministers to take in press interviews, emphasising a contrite prime minister and listing his achievements amid the difficult choices posed by the pandemic.”

The newspaper reported Downing Street refusing to comment on the existence of a plan to save Johnson – but it quoted a spokesperson saying they “absolutely did not recognise” the phrase “Operation Save Big Dog”.

But the dog appeared to be out of the kennel as political rivals and social media followed the lead.

Labour’s shadow health secretary Jon Ashworth said: “JohnBoris Johnson’s own plan to sack officials and save himself. What a disgrace. Johnson has utterly degraded the great office of Prime Minister with his antics. Time for Tory MPs to put the national interest first and oust him.

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