Boris Johnson To Tell EU That His 'Very Good', 'Great', 'Wonderful' Deal Didn't Make Sense

PM is expected to call his own withdrawal agreement "contradictory" as the UK eyes more power over trade and state aid in Northern Ireland.

Boris Johnson will reportedly tell EU leaders on Tuesday that the Brexit deal made last year is “contradictory” and doesn’t make sense.

The PM is likely to stop short of directly criticising the person who made that deal with the EU because that person was.... Boris Johnson himself.

And it doesn’t take much effort to find evidence of Boris Johnson himself heaping praise on the EU withdrawal agreement, which at the time he described as “very good”, “wonderful”, “fantastic” and a whole host of other superlatives.

There are so many, someone put them all together in a little video for your viewing pleasure.

It comes as the UK eyes more power over trade and state aid in Northern Ireland.

The government has claimed these new powers, set out in its Internal Market Bill, are merely providing “minor clarifications” to the withdrawal agreement – that’s the one Johnson described as “fantastic” – but the EU may not see it that way, and Britain has been accused of jeopardising the WA altogether.

Johnson is expected to set out his stall when Michel Barnier arrives in the UK for the latest round of trade talks.

He claims the legal difficulties the UK is now trying to resolve over Northern Ireland could not have been foreseen last year when the deal was negotiated.

His flip-flopping has not gone unnoticed.

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