Boris Johnson's Cost Of Living Tsar Said PM Should Resign And Voting Tory Was 'Self Harm'

David Buttress said "Boris has to go" and warned people to "never confuse an expensive education with intelligence or integrity".
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Boris Johnson’s new cost of living tsar recently called for the prime minister to resign, accused him of “gambling” with the economy and said voting Tory was “self harm”.

The prime minister said on Tuesday that David Buttress, the founder of Just Eat, would take up a job to “develop and promote initiatives that help households and families with rising costs”.

But in January, as the partygate scandal rolled on, Buttress tweeted a withering assessment of Johnson.

“Why is it that the worse people often rise to the highest office and stay there!? For me, it isn’t important what job you do or your title, but it is vitally important why you do the job and what you achieve,” he said.

“Boris has to go, he just has to. You can’t survive judgment like this.”


In a separate tweet in October 2021, Buttress criticised the government’s economic policy.

“Immigration is a driver of productivity growth.,” he said. “Boris once again, gambling and being fast and loose with the UK economy and the impact on the most vulnerable.”

Buttress also said of Johnson: “Never confuse an expensive education with intelligence or integrity.

“I don’t think Boris is particularly blessed with either, imagine if he had not had the many privileges he has experienced.

“Does anyone believe he would be PM on merit? Not a chance mate. 19 PM’s from Eton.”

In April he quipped that: “Voting Tory in Wales is a form of self harm”. He also accused the Conservative Party of “neglecting” Wales.

In December 2021, he also accused the government of showing “prejudice, lack of common decency and humanity” to refugees crossing the channel.


Buttress’ new government job will see him work with the private sector to develop new business-led initiatives to help people struggling with the squeeze on living standards.

He was due to join education secretary Nadhim Zahawi today at a meeting with supermarkets and sports organisations to discuss what assistance can be offered through initiatives like the government’s holiday activities and food programme.

Announcing the appointment, Cabinet Office minister Steve Barclay said Buttress would bring a “wealth of experience” and the “vigour and ingenuity of business” to the role.

“Businesses and organisations across the country have stepped up time and time again when the nation needs it most.

“The financial pressures people are facing as a result of current global challenges will be no different,” he said.

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