28/02/2017 12:43 GMT | Updated 28/02/2017 12:44 GMT

Boston Dynamic's New Robot Laughs In The Face Of Our Weak Human Limbs

Time for an upgrade...

Meet Handle. This is Boston Dynamics’ brand-new robot and if we’re being completely honest it’s probably their scariest yet for a few very simple reasons.

Firstly the wheels. What was wrong with feet, eh? Not content with our perfectly usable human feet Boston Dynamics have given Handle two wheels instead and you know what, it turns out they’re just about better than feet in every single way.

Boston Dynamics

Handle’s not only able to go faster than us over almost any terrain but it’s also able to turn quicker and even jump.

That’s right, this robot can jump, and jump really well.

Boston Dynamics

The research robot stands a towering 6.5ft tall and can travel at 9mph while jumping 4 feet in the air.

It’s able to roll down stairs, cope with seriously uneven terrain and even lift up objects that weigh 100lbs.

It also has a range of around 15-miles on a single charge so unless you’re planning on doing some marathon training anytime soon Handle will be able to catch-up with you.

That’s something to think about isn’t it.

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