Toddler Breaks Down In Tears After Dad Shaves His Beard Off

'Is my beard missing?' 'Yeah.' 😥

An adorable toddler burst into tears when he realised his dad had shaved off his whole beard.

Speaking through sobs, the boy said he wanted it to come back and was really sad it was "missing".

"My son has never known me without a beard, he is not happy that I shaved it off," dad Greg Hogan wrote on the video. "I am growing it back immediately."


The conversation went like this:

"Is my beard missing?"


"Do you want it to come back?"


"Are you sad?"


"Do you still love me?"

"No, I want your beard!"

After a series of cries, the dad managed to calm his son down by promising him he would grow the beard back.


"I'm going to grow it back, just for you," the dad said while stroking the boy on the head. "Next week, I'll have it back."

Thankfully, that worked enough for them to take a happy selfie before the end of the video.



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