Uncle Shares Hilarious NSFW Drawing Of 5-Year-Old's 'Rocket' He Drew In Reception Class


When your kid brings home a drawing from school, you know it’s going to be hilarious or absolutely adorable. Or both.

Luke Bohanna, 30, from Sussex, had popped round his sister Karrie’s house for a takeaway and managed to get a peek at what his five-year-old nephew Freddie had been working on.

“Being the proud mum that she is, my sister got onto the conversation of Freddie’s school work and how he seems to be doing well at school with his reading and writing,” Bohanna told The Huffington Post UK.

“She pulled out his book bag and showed me his latest drawings and it put me into an instant fit of laughter when I saw his ‘rocket’.”

Bohanna added: “I couldn’t believe she hadn’t already shared this! Too funny to ignore, I took a photo.”

In fact, Freddie didn’t just draw one rocket, he drew two.

Aren’t kids brilliant?

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