08/01/2019 10:23 GMT | Updated 08/01/2019 10:47 GMT

Boy’s Forgotten Teddy Had One Hell Of A Holiday Before Being Returned Home

Hotel staff took photos of the bear to reassure his tiny owner everything was OK.

Every parent knows when your child loses their favourite teddy – yes that one, the one they can’t live without – there’ll be tears and tantrums until it’s returned. That is, unless, the teddy is having a whale of a time on holiday. 

When Anna Pickard realised her son had left Sutro, his favourite bear, at the hotel they’d stayed at in Hawaii, he was distraught. “He was going to go from being worried (last night) to most upset,” she wrote on Twitter.

She emailed the hotel and asked whether a white bear had been found – although she wasn’t very hopeful. “They emailed back,” she wrote. “Not only had they found Sutro safe and would be posting him back, but they sent updates so Doozer could see what he’d been doing on his extended vacation.”

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As well as the updates, the hotel staff sent pictures of Sutro working with them, getting his nails done, and enjoying himself in the sun. 


He also spent a lot of time outside, visited the gardeners, and went to the pool. To be honest, it looked like Sutro had a dreamy few days away from his owner.

And, probably the best part of it all, they checked Sutro out of the hotel before returning him to his owners. 

“Thank you to Julien at Grand Hyatt Kauai, and his colleagues who are, apparently, just all-round lovely people who legit made me (and several dozen colleagues) cry today,” Pickard wrote on Twitter. “Now I’m going to go and print these out and drip feed them to Doozer until Sutro lands.”

The tweet received thousands of retweets online, and encouraged other parents to share their stories of lost (and then returned) teddy bears. 

Isn’t the world great sometimes?