06/07/2018 10:38 BST | Updated 06/07/2018 12:44 BST

'You're An Inspiration': Harry Kane Tells Brave Ben Who Wished For His Very Own World Cup After Radiotherapy

'This young lion deserves a World Cup for bravery':

boy being treated for a brain tumour has been given his ultimate wish – his own World Cup, and to top that off England captain Harry Kane has called him an inspiration.

After completing his course of radiotherapy, Ben Williams walked into a hospital room to find a surprise gift. Unwrapping it, he discovered a World Cup trophy for him to keep.

Liam Herbert, a specialist paediatric radiographer from Birmingham filmed Ben’s reaction and shared the adorable clip on Twitter on Thursday 5 July. “Ben has just completed his radiotherapy for a brain tumour,” he wrote. “He was unable to walk and talk before his treatment but a week ago he asked for the World Cup, so we delivered. @England and @HKane can you do the same?”

Herbert’s tweet has been retweeted nearly 7,000 times in less than a day, with many sending their well wishes to Ben with the hashtag #BensWorldCup and sharing that the video had brought tears to their eyes.

Warmed by response to his video, Herbert shared another photo of Ben holding his trophy in front of a machine decorated in flags for the World Cup. “This young lion deserves a World Cup for his bravery,” he wrote. 

Herbert thanked everyone for all their support and tagged professional footballers such as Harry Kane to try and grab their attention.

Since the tweet gained attention, Rio Ferdinand has got involved to show his support. 

And then Harry Kane tweeted a message promising he and the England team will do everything they can to keep that smile on Ben’s face:

Let’s hope, amidst the training for the big game, Kane will manage to drop a message to Ben.