Bpop Live Sees Even Vote Leave Supporters Begging For It Not To Go Ahead

'I'm going to vote leave but PLEASE do not let this concert go ahead.'

On the 19th of June a remarkable musical event that claims it will supplant even Glastonbury will grace the city of Birmingham.

BpopLive will see some of the country's finest musical talent take to the stage at the Genting Arena and presumably make a rock-solid case for leaving the EU.

Who's appearing we hear you ask? Well, take a look for yourself...

Meanwhile, Glastonbury will this year be struggling with Coldplay, Muse and Adele.

The event due to take place on June 19 at the 15,000-capacity Genting Arena in Birmingham, has faced a series of calamities worthy of music mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap.

Its overtly political tone and Eurosepticism appears to have spooked the original list of artists lined up to perform.

A rep for Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon, billed in BpopLive 2.0, said she didn’t realise it was “more of a political rally”.

And it's fast becoming apparent that even Vote Leave supporters are predicting an absolute embarrassment of an event.

The youth vote is of particular concern to both sides of the debate.

Bite The Ballot and campaigners Hope Not Hate have embarked on a huge effort to get 500,000 young people to vote ahead of the registration deadline on Tuesday.

There are signs the drive is working. A surge in registrations among the under 34s was recorded between Thursday and Friday last week.

So quite what effect a concert headlined by a group whose peak popularity was in the 80s will have on the on the out campaign remains to be seen.

To be fair, there are a few who seem to be quite up for it.

But that was about it.

Mostly it was just more of this...

BpopLive is “endorsed” by the Leave.EU, a pro-Brexit campaign group founded by Arron Banks, UKIP’s biggest donor.

It said on Facebook:

“Cheryl, Jay, Mike and Bobby – formerly of Bucks Fizz, the last British team to really win big in Europe – will be part of a fantastic event which promises to be the most memorable night of the referendum calendar. It’s time for us to start making our minds up, and who better to hammer that message home?

“Journalists wondering how Bpop could possibly top East 17 and two-fifths of 5ive need wonder no longer, as the Eurovision stars will be joined on stage by none other than Gordon Hendricks as the King himself, Elvis Presley. (Here’s hoping he won’t be giving us his rendition of “So Close, Yet So Far” on June 24th!)”