Beauty Blogger Opens Up About Reality Of Breast Reduction Surgery On Instagram

Graphic warning: article contains post-surgery photographs.

A beauty blogger has documented her breast reduction surgery on Instagram, offering a very real insight of the effect such a procedure can have on a person mentally and physically.

Lala, from Salt Lake City, US, previously wore a 38J bra. Her breasts were so heavy that she suffered immense pain in her neck, shoulders and back.

The beauty blogger and artist made the life-changing decision to undergo breast reduction surgery for the sake of her health and to help her become more active.

A photo posted by Lala<3 (@pretty_kitty_meow) on

Lala, before and after surgery

Since having the operation two weeks ago, Lala says she is struggling to mentally come to terms with her smaller chest, which is now somewhere between a D and DD cup.

But she added that physically she is already feeling the benefits.

Following her surgery, Lala shared a candid snap of her breast surgery scars on Instagram.

She said that despite feeling “very swollen”, she was happy with how the surgery had gone, with 4lbs of fat and tissue having been removed from her breasts.

“I feel weird-looking in my clothes, but I think that’s mostly due to the swelling,” she wrote.

A photo posted by Lala<3 (@pretty_kitty_meow) on

She also encouraged her 11.8k followers to ask her any questions they might have about the surgery.

In a post shared more recently, more than a fortnight after surgery, Lala said she was physically ready to go back to work but added that the surgery had knocked her confidence massively.

“Mentally, I’m not doing so great. I don’t like how anything looks that I wear,” she wrote.

“I’ve tried my clothes, Meagan’s, and tried numerous things on at stores. At this point I’m living in workout clothes because those have never been super cute to me.

“I lost my confidence. I haven’t struggled like this in years and it sucks. I don’t want to wear my dresses, makeup, or even my hair.

“It’s been super difficult trying to take photos for Instagram, which is a passion of mine.”

Lala said she had cried every day since the surgery, because she was struggling to come to terms with her new frame.

“Before surgery, I loved how I looked in the mirror,” she explained.

“From what I’ve read, most [who] choose to get surgery are unhappy with how they look and the physical toll big boobs can have on your body.

“I was mostly sick of not being able to be as active as I want because of enormous amounts of pain.

“Now, it’s time to just get comfortable in my new skin, but I know it will take time.”

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