Mum Hopes To Kickstart Open Discussion About Breastfeeding 'Beyond Age One' With Photo Series

'I can assure you, I am not breastfeeding my toddler for my own pleasure.'

A mum is hoping to break down the stigma against mothers breastfeeding their babies after they turn one.

Lacey Barrett, a photographer from Melbourne, Australia, created a video montage featuring her photos of mums breastfeeding their children aged two and above.

“Breastfeeding for six months is the norm, one year is the goal,” Barrett captioned the beginning of the video, titled #ToddlersNurseToo. “What do you do after one? Wean?”

(Stock image)
(Stock image)

Sharing it on Facebook on 12 May, she wrote: “I never would have imagined that breastfeeding younger children would be more acceptable than breastfeeding our older children.

“Why are our views so skewed? And why is it that nursing our newborn is less sexual than nursing our toddlers?”

Barratt wrote: “I can assure you, I am not breastfeeding my toddler for my own pleasure. I can think of a thousand other things I would rather be doing than breastfeeding him at 3am.

“Around the world, breastfeeding beyond the age of one is weird. Gross. Inappropriate. But most of all, hidden in fear of judgement.

“Everywhere, women pat themselves on the back and silently accept their self-given medal for breastfeeding to age one. As they should!

“Beyond that, because toddler breastfeeding is not spoken of, women are weaning their one-year-olds.

“Why are we telling women that feeding their four-year-old is disgusting? Mums, let’s celebrate our toddlers. Show me your babies breastfeeding.”

Barratt referred to guidelines from the World Health Organisation that states: “Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended up to six months of age, with continued breastfeeding along with appropriate complementary foods up to two years of age or beyond.”

Mums commented on the video calling it “amazing”.

“I breastfed my daughter until her fourth birthday last May,” one wrote. “It was the most amazing experience of my life.

“It wasn’t always perfect but I miss the way she used to look at me and cuddle into me I really miss it.”

Another wrote: “This is brilliant! Let’s share far and wide.”

Breastfeeding Our Toddlers