Mum Explains 'Mission' To Normalise Breastfeeding Older Children

'I want to expose it until it becomes normal.'

A mum has shared her “mission” to normalise breastfeeding older children in a video posted to YouTube.

Sophie Rose, a mum from the UK who now lives in Thailand, breastfeeds her four-year-old son Shaye every day and shares her journey through daily videos.

“My mission is to continue my work in normalising breastfeeding, but also to normalise breastfeeding older kids,” she said in a YouTube video posted in October 2016.

“There’s still a lot of controversy and shock around breastfeeding an older child and I want to expose it until it becomes normal.”


Rose, who posts the videos on her channel ‘Sophie’s Joy Breastfeeding Mama’, continued: “It’s a very beautiful and ordinary thing as a breastfeeding mum. It becomes part of your normal reality.

“I want other mothers around the world to feel confident around feeding older children.

“I would love to live in a world where breastfeeding mums didn’t feel ashamed about feeding in public, where there would be no negative comments or feelings or fear.”

The video has been viewed more than 100,000 times in the three weeks since it has been posted.

On Monday 31 October, Rose shared another video explaining why she loves breastfeeding “full-term”.

”Watching your own child breastfeeding is the cutest and most satisfying thing you will ever see,” Rose said on the video.

“There is something so sweet about how they hold their mouths around the breast, something so primal and mother-like, more than anything else after giving birth.”

Rose said she doesn’t “see any hurry” to stop breastfeeding her son.

“I’m happy to let Shaye choose when he has had enough,” she said. “I trust that will happen as I have read a lot about it.

“So I don’t know when I’ll stop. He’ll choose.”

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